Are Electric Bikes Fast?

If you are a cycling fervent, the speed of a scooter is the ultimate fun. It throws you into the right perspective while cruising through your neighborhoods. The modern best stunt scooters haven't been left behind, in ensuring the users get the most of the convenience. Short as most can be, they are designed for the real speed action.

Electric bikes are regular bikes that come with an extra electrical drive system. They have a motor, battery with the capability to incorporate the power of the motor into the drivetrain while able control it effectively. So are electric bikes way much faster?

Statistics Surrounding Electric Bike Speed

It is no doubt,  most low-speed electric bikes you will come across can be able to run on slightly over 20 miles in an hour on a motor power singularly, but it also depends on how fast you can peddle the bike for an even faster speed and the regulations governing electric bike speed in your locality.

Research has postulated that average speed and a maximum speed of electric bikes has shown a higher significant rise for about approximately 3 mph that standard conventional bikes. But at the same time, on average speed across a roadway section, the conventional bicycles boast a 16 mph speed than 15.8 mph of electric bikes.

Compared to conventional bikes whose average speeds have been tested to range for up to a maximum of 25 mph, electric bikes can equally be faster depending on the path they are being ridden: bicycle lanes or shared-use paths.

This is not to say there haven't been outcomes that reveal the maximum speed of electric bikes compared to conventional designs as almost the same for every similar class. Some statistics have boldly revealed electric bikes are indeed quite faster than conventional bikes based on the standards of design of the facilities that are used to make the bicycle.  

Drawbacks Of Electric Bikes On Speed

Electric's speed face a setback, given the fact that they weigh a little bit more including those designed to be lightweight, featuring a weight of about 40 lb. But remember, if it comes with more weight than a conventional bike, the lesser the speed it is likely to provide.

Just like any conventional bike, it is important to note that, the ‘drag effect' of the cyclist's body as the cycling speed increases, can't be ignored, hence the possibility of a slow down its speed.
Regardless of these assertions, the electric bikes not only just throws the shortcomings of regular bikes out of the way, but you will find them faster in so many ways than a conventional bike including;

Quicker cruising through the hills with less peddling effort thanks to their much powerful motoring system. An electric bike with superior quality body construction makes the hills seem like more of a flat road ride, able to increase its average speed under reasonable peddling effort, with much ease.

Fastest in small distances of up to 20 miles away when in a hurry with less exhaustion characterized in regular bikes, since they give you the quick option of accelerating the motor faster than conventional bikes.Convenient high speed when negotiating corners with more safety on top of their speed than regular bikes.


If you ever consider going for an electric bike, there is no doubt it is the ultimate choice of speed but also easier to ride at higher speed compared to conventional types courtesy of their design. For the best speed performance, getting a quality electric bike is essential to realize the best-optimized speed in the long run.

The reason why you can find electric bikes faster than regular bikes is complimented by the fact that it is a great choice to take advantage of network facilities and access routes that cars and motorcycles aren't able to go through. This is why it is never an uphill task for an electric bike to boast a consistent speed of choice for most routes you will negotiate, than conventional bikes.

Check your local speed limits and other associated regulations against the speed you would want in your electric bike for compliance, and yes! Electric bikes are way much faster and speed to consider.

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