What should you know if you want to try a beard dyeing out?

If you are bored with your typical black or brown beard hair and want to add some fun to your life, beard dyeing is what you were looking for. For those brave ones, who decided to dye their beard, our professionals at Barber Shop in New York City created a detailed guide on how to color your strands. Here you can find answers to all your questions. Check out our step-by-step guide.

Step #1 Choose the dye
Choosing the beard dye can be a difficult task for those men who used to take the very first bottle they see and buy it. Before go shopping you are to remember that all beard dyes are semi-permanent and are available in all possible colors. Semi-permanent means chosen color will wash away after several times you take a shower using shampoo. If you want a dye to hold longer, avoid using shampoos, conditioners, and other products on your beard, simply rinse it instead. Permanent coloring is possible only at special barbershops. If you decided to stick to permanent dye, be ready to visit your barber every 3 weeks for roots coloring.

Step #2 Prepare yourself
Unfortunately, most of the modern beard dyes you can find in the store are packed with harmful chemicals which can damage and irritate your skin. It is necessary to test chosen dye on a small area of your skin somewhere on the arm before applying it on the sensitive skin of your face. If you notice some redness, irritation, itching, or rash on your skin during the test, you have to refuse on this particular dye and try another one. Don’t wash or condition your hair before dyeing; otherwise, it will look patch.

Step #3 Go on!
For applying the color to your beard you can use a special brush, or even your toothbrush (but, please, don’t brush your teeth with it afterwards), the result will stay the same. The brush will help you to put the color only to your beard, without coloring the skin. After the first move, make sure your dye color fits your head hair. When you are completely satisfied with obtained result, rinse the beard carefully until you see the water become clear. If it seems to you that your beard color is too dark, don’t panic, simply rinse it for a couple of times and you will see it become lighter. Extremely dark color can be removed with the help of clarifying shampoo and conditioner. Don’t rinse your beard immediately after dyeing, if you like the color you get, let the dye absorb properly; otherwise, you will lose the shade.

Now you know how to change your style easily and add more colours to life. Visit Barber Shop in New York City and love your beard.  

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