5 healthy changes, which will bring your hair to life

There are so many things you do for your hair. Some of them are good; however, some are not. If you want to keep your hair care routine ultimately healthy, check these tips by Soho NYC barbers.

#1. Be careful with heated tools
It's quite obvious that heated tools have advantages and disadvantages for the hair. In order to avoid their drawback, such as thermal damage, you have to use heat safely. For this very reason, we recommend you to apply thermal protection, which is one of the main prerequisites of safe heat styling.

#2. Keep your tools clean
Clean tools can definitely bring a difference in your everyday hair care routine. Whenever you use dirty brushes, combs, or flat irons, your hair suffers from grease, dirt, and product residue they transfer. That's exactly why you should keep your tools only in a clean condition!

#3. Moisturise it!
Moisture is vitally beneficial for your hair. Good hydration makes your mane stronger and more resistible to the sources of damage and danger. We recommend you use regular conditioning, deep conditioning treatment, and hydrating masques.

#4. Trim your ends
Soho NYC barbers also underline the importance of regular trims because ends suffer from damage more often than any other part of our hair. You can prevent major damage if you trim your ends in time, so monitor their condition and make an appointment if needed.

#5. The less, the better
You don’t need to overload your hair with different products. Limit the number of products to shampoo, conditioner, and styler.

Follow these simple tips, and you will feel the healthy difference in your hair care routine.

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