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Where to Buy curtains in Jaipur

If you lived in, traveled in or shopped in the beautiful pink city Jaipur then you might know how beautifully designer of the city have cultivated culture, tradition, and heritage into their arts and designs. Here I emphasize only on one ornament of home interiors that is curtains.

Recently I went to Jaipur and I decided to explore the city. I found some really amazing things that I will share in forthcoming articles. Now, I am an interior designer and I went there for taking an interior designing workshop. 

I meet many designers, local suppliers, and dealers. But one gem that who's mind-blowing designed put me into insanity.  The name was RR Interiors, best dealers, and suppliers of curtains in Jaipur. This is how they represent themselves and they justify this title. If you are in Jaipur and looking for best curtains then quest will end up at RR interiors who offer curtains in Jaipur. The shop is located in new Aatish market, Mantar over.

I will show you some of their awesome designs but before that let me guide little bit about how to choose curtains first

The first, most popular, you opt for your interior should be curtains or drapes. The two terms are very confusing but there are a couple of differences.

Selecting right fabric is also important. Check out the color, texture, and fabric solve your purpose. See all the details at the store. Some retailers will even lend you large fabric samples to take home and hang in front of your window. 

Curtains Measurement

Perfect measurements are the first step in finding ideal curtain. Many curtains designs and style are available in the market so choose right length curtains to have a look that you are trying to attain.

watch the video for a quick glance at your questions how to choose curtains for your home.

 Complete details on- how to buy correct size curtains

Curtains Width

Measure curtains rod length from end to end. keep 5 to 8 inches extra from your window width. This is plenty enough to block light effectively.

Curtains Lenght

Curtains length decide your interior look. They can make your space looking big or small. just like

If you want to find more details about color, texture, patterns and more Read: how to choose curtains for living room 

Source:RR Inteiors

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