3 ways to preserve your health

Follow these recommendations for a longer, healthier life!

#1. Use organic products for grooming
Everyone wants to look good; however, even being served in the best men’s barbershop NYC is not always enough. Professional treatments and excellent haircuts are not going to improve your visage if your health is not all that great. This is precisely why we recommend avoiding putting unknown chemicals both on and inside of your body. Throw away as many generic grooming products as you can and switch to the organic substitutes. Wash your hair with baking soda to prevent excessive oiliness, rinse out with cold water to boost shine, nourish with herbs, food masks, and coconut oil. After some time, you might never want to go to the mass-produced products.

#2. Relieve pain naturally
Ditch your ibuprofen and aspirin and try using natural pain relievers. Exercise, healthy sleep, essential oils, hot baths, and cold compresses can help to reduce the discomfort you are feeling much faster. They also don’t cause the additional stress on your body by contaminating it with different chemicals. 

#3. Maintain healthy routine
Stick to a healthy routine. Go to sleep at the same time every night and get at least 8 hours of rest. Try to wake up early and go for a jog or do some other form of exercising. Try out yoga – it will help you to relax, stave off stress, and will keep you in shape. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking 8 cups of distilled water. It will prevent muscle cramping and headaches. Drink at least half a cup of water before going to sleep to stay hydrated throughout the night. Follow a wholesome and nutrient-rich diet. We suggest eating at least four times a day with three main courses and at least one snack.

Stick to these easy tips for healthier life!

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