Five Bad Lifestyle Choices That Compromise Hair Health

Bad lifestyle choices definitely affect the health of your body, we know it for 100%. But do you know that our bad habits have influence on the state  of our hair too? Check out five bad decisions in your life which change your hair listed by hairdressers at hair salon midtown east NYC.

#1 Smoking
Hair loses its robustness and lustre due to the aging. But what is cause of premature aging? Yes, you are right, it is smoking. It provoke hair loss, appearing of grey hair and overall fragility of your locks. So if you want to have long and strong tresses, one simple changing in your lifestyle as stop smoking will totally save them.

#2 Inconsistent nutrition
We are what we eat, so you should change your nutrition in a healthy way if you want your tresses to be healthy. Try to avoid eating junk food, which doesn’t provide you with all necessary vitamins and minerals and brings only tonnes of unnecessary fats. Eat more green leafy plants, vegetables and fruits which will provide you with vitamins E, A, C which are so essential for the immunity and for skin as well.

#3 Water
Your hair and body can struggle from dehydration and you can even have no idea about it. You should provide your body with enough amount of water every day; in this case, 7-9 glasses of fresh water will be a very healthy decision. Coffee, tea and packed juices can’t satisfy your thirsty due to high sugar content.

#4 Sleep more
Sleeping 7-8 hours per night is a sure-fire habit to make your body and tresses healthy. When your body is weak, it can’t absorb nutrients making damage to your tresses. So make a golden rule for yourself to sleep enough every night.

#5 Ignoring dandruff
Overdrying can cause dandruff and can be a reason of hair loss. When your scalp is over dried, you should treat it right and moisture as much as possible. Try to make a moisturizing mas with coconut and cocoa oils: combine the needed amount of oils (depending on your hair length), put it on locks and rub in the scalp as well, put on a plastic cap, wrap with a bath towel, wait for approximately 2 hours and then wash the tresses. Such simple procedure will change your hair look in 2 weeks; apply the mask twice a week for better results.

 You should remember that only healthy lifestyle can make your hair and skin look gorgeous and robustness.

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