Top 3 spicy vegetables for hair growth

Everybody knows that vegetables are extremely useful for our body, inner organs and circulatory system. How can they influence our hair? Well, the list of benefits is endless, starting from simple nourishing to anti dandruff and hair loss fighting effect. The result you get depends on vegetables you consume. Today, our professionals at hair salon Soho in NYC offer you three spicy vegetables that can perfectly complement any dish and improve your mane simultaneously. Being packed with all possible vitamins and antioxidants, they can change your hair structure from the inside, making it healthier.

Green and red Chile
This hot, spicy and delicious exotic vegetable can make you feel the burning fire inside of you. Another interesting fact, concerning Chile is that it contains high doses of keratin and Vitamin E. These factors make Chile a wonderful remedy, promoting hair growth. It also helps to restore already damaged cells, stimulating hair follicles in your scalp. As a result, you have handsome mane, full of hairs.

 We could not but mention the fact that not all men like garlic. It is not because they are vampires, just this vegetable has a very sharp and strong scent, not many of us can stand. In spite of this unpleasant peculiarity, garlic works as a perfect tonic for hair. Even if you are on a diet, it can flavor any dish, adding minimum calories. Besides, garlic also includes huge amounts of sulfur – ideal hair re-growth remedy.

Well, onion has less distinctive smell thаn garlic, but its hair restoring properties are just as good as garlic one`s. Being an extremely good nutrient, onion nourishes and improves inner structure of every hair, filling it with zinc, iron and Biotin. These elements are vital for fast hair growth. In addition to this, onion is a unique vegetable that helps in preventing early hair graying.

Eating this spicy vegetables will help you to diversify your everyday diet and improve hair texture from the inside, very fast. Just follow our tips, and you will have healthy, handsome mane with minimum efforts. Trust us, your body will be grateful to you.

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