Five Tips For Facial Hair Growing

Lots of men really like beards and mustache, but sometimes facial hair just doesn’t grow. The reasons of this problem can be very different: genetics, inconsistent nutrition, ecology or just bad treatment. We asked the top experts at the best barber shop New York City to provide us with the ways how men can solve this problem.

#1 Healthy nutrition
Yes, the first thing you should start with is a healthy nutrition. Add more nuts, raw seeds and legumes in your daily meals. Nuts are full of all the natural fats, which moisturize your skin and scalp from the inside; raw seeds have vitamins E and A, which make our hair grow faster and stronger; and the legumes are winners among all the products with the protein content.

#2 Refresh your blood stream
Just a simple facial massage can refresh the blood stream and give your hair a chance to grow up. You can also use a scrub with a brown sugar, daily scrubbing refreshes your skin and improves blood circulation; moreover, it removes the flaking skin!

#3 Shaving and trimming
If you have too thin facial hair, you should totally shave them twice per week. After shaving our hair grow faster and stronger. If you have a beard, but it can’t grow longer - just trim it regularly. This simple tip will remove the split ends and will provoke a hair growth.

#4 Vitamins
As we’ve already said, your body needs vitamins. If you want a faster result, you should buy capsules of pure vitamin E, A and calcium as well, which you can find in any drug store.

#5 The right hair and skin care products
You should totally understand that all of those commercial products you see on TV ads can’t be good for your face due to a high amount of different toxins. Try to be more natural and use only organic products with natural oils; moreover, one shampoo, one hydrating cream, and one scrub will be enough for keeping your face and hair in the right condition.

Treat your facial hair right with these simple tips.

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