How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Long hairstyle is still popular among men of all ages because it looks so ‘rocky’, cool and extraordinary. “Actually, it isn’t so hard to make your hair grow, - says the specialist at the best barber shop NYC, - much harder is  to wait and fight with everyday thoughts about cutting tresses and become a bald’’. Here we have really cool tips to make your hair grow faster, just check them out.

#1 Vitamins A and E
The first thing you should start is your nutrition. Keep attention to what you eat, provide your body with enough vitamins A and E, which are so necessary for hair and nail growth. Add sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds in your daily nutrition to get full set of these nutrients; nevertheless, you can also buy a vitamin E and A in capsules, which you can find in any drug store.

#2 Refresh the bloodstream
For hair growth, you should refresh your scalp bloodstream every day; workouts and different activities are the best ways for doing it. If you haven’t much time for doing sports every day, you can apply a refreshing mask on your scalp: just massage a little amount of a castor oil on your scalp, and wait for approximately 40 minutes, after it - wash hair two times; moreover, using this mask twice per week will be a great remedy for your locks.

#3 Don’t be afraid of cutting
Do you think that women go to the hairdresser every two months because they want to change the style? Of course, they don’t! Women know that if you want to make hair grow faster, you need to refresh tresses and cut split ends every 2 months; you should follow this step it too. Don’t be afraid, after such refreshing they will grow much healthier and stronger.

#4 Avoid damage
Don’t use a hair dryer every day, let your hair air dry - it will be the best way to reduce the damage to your locks; moreover, there is no need to wash your hair every day although if you work in a mine. Two times per week will be enough for your locks to stay clean and fresh.

Be patient and your locks will grow long very soon.

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