Summer beard protection

Long, thick and healthy beard is a dream of almost every man. However, it is very difficult to follow this dream during hot, sunny summer day. It is not a secret that dense facial hair brings lots of problem during warm seasons of the year, it also requires additional care and proper treatment 24/7.  If all these factors didn’t prevent you from having a thick beard this summer, you have to check out our vital tips for summer beard protection.
If you are true beard lover, our Manhattan hair professionals will help you to pass through these three months of hell on Earth and save all your endeavors and tons of patience. Don’t waste everything down, even the most epic and long beard can be easily maintained with our tips.
Summertime bead treatment, constant hydration, moisturizing and cleaning can appear to be a difficult task, especially in combination with high temperature jumps. Heavy sweating can lead to serious dehydration of skin and locks. There is no need to silently endure all these things, our five simple steps will save your life from beard tortures.

Drink more liquid
Water balance – is one of the most important things during the summer. Without any doubts, burning sunny rays will dry your hair out and lead to constant itching and beard dandruff. Lack of moisture will worsen this situation and can even lead to hair loss. If you have already noticed that you started to scratch your beard from time to time, it is the very first symptom of dehydration. Your strands will become brittle, dull and start to lose its elasticity. Drinking enough water will nourish your beard from the inside and make it healthier every single day.

Apply sun protective oils
Not only your face skin and head need protection from sun. Beard hair is extremely prone to damages during the summer, if it is not well protected. Use special serums, sprays, oils or creams in order to save your strands. Visit your nearest drugstore of search the internet to find some interesting products.

Wet your beard with clean water before swimming
In spite of the fact that this tip may seem really strange to you, you shouldn’t neglect doing it. You see, beard hairs soak less water (and chlorine, which is 100% present in your pool) when it is already damp. the usage of clear water will reduce the harm.

Beard oil/balm is a must
No matter whether you like taking sun baths on the sea side hitting the pool, both saltwater and chlorine are absolute disaster for your beard, because they strip away natural oils from your skin. Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to stay away from water and refuse on swimming, just take precautions and apply special beard balm after swimming.

Take a shower once you reach home
The best thing you can do for your beard is to take shower after long day of swimming in the pool or ocean. It is also necessary to use shampoo to your beard if you were swimming in a salt water, and apply special conditioner to soften your locks, if you were hitting the pool.

Follow our tips and you will have beautiful, healthy beard even during the summer, with minimum efforts and maximum benefit.

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