Five Lifestyle Changes Which Will Recover Your Locks

There is no need to tell you about how nowadays life takes a toll on body and on hair condition especially. Over dryness, greasy hair, breakage, thinness, and loss are the most common troubles for many girls, for this reason, we asked the top specialist at the best salon NYC to provide us with simple secrets about hair treatment. Check out the best five lifestyle changes which will recover your tresses and make them look radiant and strong.

#1 Nutrition
We are what we eat, so start your hair treatment with a right nutrition. The great thing is that tresses can be recovered simply with the help of adding more raw healthy foods in daily meals. Nuts and seeds are full of natural fats and vitamins A and E, so if you want to make locks grow fast and strong - eat a handful of these guys every day. Eat more green leafy plants, they will nourish your body with iron and cellulose. It is also beneficial for removing all the toxins from the body and cleansing you from the inside. Orange fruits and onions are full of vitamin C, which is so helpful for immunity. Tresses can’t grow healthy if you have low immunity.

#2 Hydration
We know that we consist of water on 80%, so if you want to stay healthy and prevent hair and scalp over drying, you should totally drink enough amount of fresh water every day. 8-9 glasses will be good, but if you do sports regularly, you should drink more. Remember, that all of those commercial packed juices, sodas, tea, and coffee can't nourish body due to the high sugar content.

#3 Natural hair care products
Every day we watch all those ads on TV which promise us healthy and strong locks if we buy commercial hair care products. But actually, it is a commercial gimmick. Our tresses can’t be supple, radiant and thick, because all these products contain silicones, parabens, sulfates, and alcohol. You should know what you use and buy organic hair care products, of course, they cost on $5-10 more and can stay only for 2-3 months in your bathroom, but the natural ingredients will totally save tresses.

#4 Reduce the damage
Everyday styling can make a toll on your hair condition too, that’s very sad, we know, but you should avoid the damage and don’t use a hair dryer, curling wand and iron too often. You can look gorgeous with a simple braid or bun, let tresses air dry and show their natural beauty with no styling.

#5 Avoid drinking too much of alcohol
Alcohol drinks dry our body from the inside, and it totally takes a toll on the skin and hair. Try to drink white dry wine instead of other drinks, it will be a good and healthy decision if you want to solve the over dryness problem.

Stay healthy and confident with gorgeous locks!

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