Hair tricks for busy moms

Without any doubts, being a mother is wonderful. Your child gives you a lot of positive emotions, new experiences and unforgettable feelings you can share with your husband and relatives. However, when this small kid comes to your world, everything changes.  The world stops spinning around and all your attention is now paid to your child. Not only your emotional balance, but also everyday routine changes beyond recognition. If you have already become a mom, can you tell, for example, when was the last time you spend more than hour for getting yourself ready? Sounds like something impossible, isn’t it? Some women cannot even take a shower by their own, without even talking about unlimited beauty routine. In this case, you understand that it is time to change your everyday routine coordinately, if you want to look nice.
Of course, every woman developed her own beauty strategy, that helps her to look neat and tidy every single day, without spending hours in front of the mirror, because, you know, you just cannot leave your kid unattended for a long time. However, the more you know the better. That is why our professionals at one of the leading NYC hair salon gathered best young mom beauty survival hair tricks in one place for you. Even if you are not a mother yet, and do not have kids, these tips can help you to shorten your hairstyling routine and exempt more time for useful things you always wanted to do but never did.
# 1 Cut on everyday washing  
Don’t wash your hair every single day. Seriously, there is no need to do it so often. In spite of your internal contradiction, it is a very useful habit that can save your strands from a disaster. Overstyling your hair, applying too much heat can ruin your hair and cause irreversible changes, especially if it is already weakened by pregnancy. Less washing will save your time, money, product and strength. If you cannot stand your “second day hair “, invest in some qualitative dry shampoo and enjoy the result. Trust us, it will take you much less time to apply dry shampoo to your roots, than take a shower in order to shampoo your locks.
# 2 Learn to braid
This skill will be useful not only for those moms who raise up daughters. You can be surprised, but braids stopped being “only for kids” hairstyle for a very long time ago. Some beautiful braid like French, Dutch one or a fishtail can complete your look, confined to a special event. Forget about boring ponytails, add more natural texture to your strands, wearing braids and stay beautiful 24/7. Still, if you have a daughter, this skill is a must learn for you, anyway.
# 3 Shower at night
Don’t be afraid to fall asleep with a little bit wet hair. It is still better than walking around the city with dirty locks. Use a free time you have at night, while your kids are sleeping. At night, you can pay more attention to your beauty routine and practice in braiding.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy being a parent.
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