Worst Men Fashion Mistakes

For modern men, it is extremely important to take care of your look, if you want to be successful. No matter whether you are looking for job, trying to find a girlfriend or already have all of that, it is vital to have your own style. Unfortunately, overwhelming majority of men inclined to make a lot of different mistakes, related to their overall look.  We are not talking about typical shaving mistakes like small cuts or pimps. There are a huge amount of other, much worse slips you might admit, building your own look. It is time to stop ruining your own life and fix everything what you are doing wrong. Even if you are absolutely sure that you have a perfect taste, check out these professional tips in order to confirm you are doing well.
   # 1 Baggy Shirts
Remember: shirts aren't supposed to be baggy. Even the most expensive suit can be spoiled by baggy shirt. It supposed to fit, that is why well suited shirt is already on half of the case. Try to choose shirts that fit your body as tight as it is possible. Of course, it doesn’t suppose to shackle your movements, turning you to a robot, but having too much space is also not a good thing.
# 2 Skinny jeans and huge boots
It is one of those cases when size really matters. Who told you that the combination of small, tight pants and big boots look stylish? It so wrong, especially if you are not a very tall guy. Such cloth will make you look even shorter then you are! It would be better to find some other way to balance down all proportions of your body.
# 3 Chasing the brand
It is impossible to deny the fact that popular brands produce qualitative cloth. However, it is also important to know the Golden Middle. There is no need to put on all your brand cloth at once, thinking it will make you look cool. Learn to build your image around one, qualitative thing, making the accent on a right point.
# 4 Inappropriate cloth
Some guys, knowing that they do not have wonderful taste, decide to wear official suit everywhere. They think that it will help them to create an image of self – confident, solid man. As a result, it looks absolutely off the mark. In this case, it would be better for you to ask for professional consultation and learn basic rules of choosing a cloth for future.
# 5 Shorts are for boys
You can be surprised, but shorts are extremely popular men cloth for last several years. It is a myth that only young boys used to wear it at school. Modern fashion designers offer lots of different combinations, which prove that shorts can be worn by adult men. Of course, it should be worn during hot months and well suited with T-shirt or jumper.

Read these tips one more time and think carefully whether you are doing everything right, choosing cloth for your wardrobe. 
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