Learn How to Shave Properly


Learning how to shave properly is something that every male has to learn. Here are some tips to help make it a clean shave every time.

Gather the Basics

In order to shave you will need a razor. While many men choose to use electric razors that one can simply rotate around the face, we will focus on using a manual razor. You can choose to go with a single, double or triple blade. Keep in mind the more blades, the easier to complete a smooth shave.

Along with the razor, you will require a mirror, some warm water, and shaving cream. You can choose to use a canned shaving cream, or use a shaving soap with a brush to work up a lather.

Run a small amount of warm water into a basin or into the sink. You will need it later during the actual shaving process.

Prepare Your Face

The beard will be easier to work with if the hairs are softened a little. This is where the warm water comes in. Wet your beard area with the warm water and let it sit for a moment or two. Alternatively, you can choose to shave after you get out of the shower. 

There is also the trick of holding a washcloth that has been steeped in warm water to your face for a moment or two. Any of these tricks will soften the beard and make it easier for the razor to do its job.

Next, lather your beard area. A small amount of shaving cream or lather will work fine for most men. However, the more coarse or full your beard, the more lather or shaving cream you will need to use. 

Make sure the area is covered, but you do not have to use so much that you resemble a mad dog. The idea is to cover the beard adequately for the cream to help continue the softening process, not drown the hair follicles.

Cover the beard area on your face first, then proceed to lather the neck. At this point, you are ready to begin shaving.

Beginning Your Strokes

Taking your razor, lightly run the blades over your cheeks, then your upper lip, then around the jawline. Always use downward strokes so you will be following the natural growth pattern of your whiskers. Apply strokes that are long and even. When shaving the upper lip, you may want to curl the lip over your top teeth, so the area is taut. 

The hair on the upper lip is often the thickest and toughest of all the facial hair. Every two to three strokes, rinse your razor in the warm water, removing the foam and cut whiskers from the blade. Keep the pressure light so you do not damage your skin, but enough that you are cutting the hairs at the skin line.

Shaving the Chin and the Neck

For the chin, you can begin to use upward strokes, as this will help make the area smooth. Continue with upward strokes as you shave the whiskers on the neck. Continue to use long even strokes as you did on your cheeks and jawline. Check in the mirror for any areas that may have been overlooked, and run the razor over these areas. Once you are satisfied, rinse off any remaining shaving cream or lather.

Finishing Up

Wash your face and neck with clean soap and water. This will remove and residue of cut whiskers that may be clinging to the skin. Dry your face by patting it dry with a clean towel. From this point, you may want to apply after-shave lotion, or move on to the next part of your morning routine.

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