Prepare your hair for summer

Have you ever thought that foods that you eat actually can influence your hair in a good or in a bad way, depending on the products you consume. Everybody knows that fruits and vegetables are extremely useful for our health and body, at the same time junk food and alcohol can seriously damage locks, without you even notice it. Professional stylists say the proper nutrition can help you to change your look and hair coordinately, making it look more healthy and shiny.  In this case, your main task is to highlight what mother nature gave you and be proud of your benefits.
Here we have top 3 delicious and useful products that can easy your care routine seriously and free some time for more pleasant things.
# 1 Eggs
Eggs are extremely rich in omega 3 fatty acids, protein and other natural fats that are vital for your hair and body. Our hair on 85% consists of collagen – one of the most important proteins for human kind. Eating two – three eggs in a week will provide your hair with natural shine, make your skin and nails stronger and boost its growth.
# 2 Bananas 
We love bananas for their incredible taste and nutritive properties within minimum calories. Without any doubts, banana is a favorite fruit of all people who go in for sport on a regular base. It can boost your organism with energy and your bones with calcium and vital proteins. Moreover, you can not only eat but also make masks from bananas. They have wonderful gook texture what makes it an ideal base for all possible hair treating remedies.
# 3 Water
Are you surprised to see water in this list? If your answer is yes, then you also probably have no idea about your daily norm of water, right? An average adult need about 1,5 – 2 liters per day, and about 3 liters if you want to lose some weight. Just clear water, sometimes with a few drops of lemon juice will refill your moisture balance and nourish every inch of your body.
Follow these tips and enjoy your gorgeous hair all year long.

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