The Comb-Over Phenomenon

Do you know what Brad Pitt, Drake and Conor McGregor have in common? No, not the power to drive women crazy. Well, it can also be a good variant, but we are talking about something else. It is all about them, wearing sharp, handsome and incredibly stylish comb-over haircut with fading effect. Even the most popular Hollywood actors and stars of sport cannot resist the temptation to spot this gorgeous look.

It is time to find out why this haircut appears to be so popular among celebrities and grass-roots. Letts look deeper into this phenomenon and reveal all peculiarities and hidden rocks of wearing a comb-over.

What is a Comb-Over Fade?
A comb-over fade is a unique haircutting technique that presupposes a great hair tapering from extremely long to a skin fade one. You shouldn’t confuse it with a simple tapper, because the last one includes the gradation of hair length, but never a skin fade look. It is considered to be one of the most difficult cutting techniques in the world of hair fashion, so if you have decided to spot the one for yourself, you should choose your barber wisely. Creating a smooth, natural transition requires a lot of skill and knowledge, so make sure you are entrusting your mane to a professional barber.

Why is it so popular?
Unfortunately, nobody knows the secret ingredient of popularity, but we can try to find out at least some points that make this or that haircut extremely famous all around the world.
First of all, not only the customers, barbers enjoy fade haircuts too. Why? It is a wonderful opportunity for them to show their skill. This peculiar type of hairstyle offers you a huge variety of styling variants, and you are free to choose the one you love the most.

Here comes the second reason why so many guy wear it – because it fits any hair type, structure and length!  Even if you have such problems like balding, you can embrace a buzz cut with a fade and enjoy stunning result!

Find your own ideal comb-over fade hairstyle and rock it all looking absolutely handsome day after day.

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